Job-Related Agility Test Information

All tasks will be completed in order from start to finish. The candidate will not be allowed any breaks between tasks or may not stop or rest during any task. This will disqualify them from the agility test and the hiring process.

All exercises will be performed with the candidate wearing a weighted air pack (forty-five pounds), protective helmet, leather gloves, long pants, tee shirt and running shoes. The weighted air pack, protective helmet, and leather gloves will be provided by Horry County Fire Rescue.


  1. Keiser sled
  2. 100′ walk
  3. 100′ walk (return)
  4. 75′ hose drag (tire)
  5. 100′ return
  6. 100′ high rise pack walk
  7. 100′ high rise pack walk (return)
  8. 2 stairs climbs with high rise pack (ascent and descent = 1 repetition)
  9. 100′ high rise pack walk
  10. 100 high rise pack walk (return)
  11. Pike pole simulator (5x each side – full extension)
  12. Pick up high rise pack and proceed to stairs
  13. 2 stair climbs with high rise pack (ascent and descent = 1 repetition)
  14. 100′ high rise pack walk
  15. 100′ high rise pack walk (return)
  16. 3 stair climbs with high rise pack (ascent and descent = 1 repetition)
  17. 1 stair climb to rolled hoist area
  18. 2 rolled hoists
  19. 50′ walk
  20. 50′ walk (return)
  21. 100′ mannequin drag, while walking backwards

See below for further explanation:

  1. Keiser Sled – The candidate will stand on the platform and using an eight-pound sledgehammer to strike the Keiser Sled. The sled must be moved five feet. Once the sled has gone the five feet, the candidate will walk 200 feet to task.
  2. Hose Drag – The candidate will pick up the nozzle end of a 1.75” charged hose line and advance it 75’. Once the candidate passes the 75’ line they are to place the hose on the ground and advance to task.
  3. The Stair Climb – The candidate will begin at the start line with a 50’ section of 1.75” hose on their shoulder. They will then walk 100’, turn and come back to stairs. Then they will proceed to climb stairs up and down(one set) for two revolutions. Once done candidate will walk 100’, turn and advance to task.
  4. Pike Pole Simulator – The candidate will pick up the 45-pound bar and extend it up and down. These must be full extension upward with both arms and then return them back down, repeat this five times each arm. Once this is complete, the candidate will pick up the hose pack and move to the stairs once again to repeat two revolutions, up and down.
  5. Hose Hoist – The candidate will grasp the rope, which is attached to a 50-foot section of 2.5” hose, and begin pulling the hose up to the top of the stairs. The candidate must not allow the rope to slip out of their hands.
  6. The Mannequin Drag – The candidate will bend at the knees, using proper lifting techniques to grasp and pull the mannequin. The candidate will then drag the mannequin 100’ to the finish line while walking backwards.