The Fire Investigation Unit, lead by Chief Investigator, James Cyganiewicz, is responsible for conducting fire scene and follow-up investigations for all fires. In addition, Fire Investigators Matthew Rice and David Dorio, are called to determine the origin and cause of fires that are not immediately discernible to the Incident Commander. This Unit also investigates fire-related deaths, life-threatening burn injuries and others.


Arson is the deliberate destruction of property using fire as a weapon. In Horry County, the cost of malicious  fires to the community will affect everyone.

Arson is a crime that affects both individual victims and the community as a whole. It is one of the largest single causes of major fires in America.

The main motives for arson include: vandalism, curiosity, excitement, revenge, disposal of unwanted property, to conceal crime, to make profit, extremism, mental illness, serial arson, race-related.

Navy – The Arson DogarsonDog

Deputy Fire Investigator James Cyganiewicz and Navy a K-9 Arson Dog, were partnered in 2007 in Alfred, Maine.  They were trained as a team by Maine Specialty Dogs. Upon completion of their training they both were certified by the Maine Criminal Justice Academy.  This training was made possible through a scholarship from the State Farm Arson Dog Program. Navy is a golden rertriever/labrador mix and specializes in sniffing accelerants used to ignite fires.  We would like to thank these organizations in their support with the Arson Dog Program.